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It is the policy of the Guernsey County District Public Library that openness leads to a better informed citizenry, which leads to better government and better policy.

In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and applicable judicial decisions, records are defined as any item that (1) contains information stored on a fixed medium (such as paper, electronic - including but not limited to email - and other formats); (2) is created or received by, or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office and (3) documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the office.

As required by Ohio law, records will be organized and maintained so that they are readily available for inspection and copying. Records will be available for inspection and copying at all reasonable times during regular business hours.

All items can be renewed 4 times provided they are not on hold/reserve for someone else.  Patrons may renew items in person, by telephone or at the library’s web address.  A library card number may be required if library staff cannot verify patron’s identity.

Patrons are permitted to place up to 50 holds/reserves on any one library card.  This can be done in person, by telephone or at the library’s web address.

Fines of $0.10 per day per item will be charged for overdue books, books on cassette/CD, compact discs and periodicals.  Overdue films, videos, DVD’s, CD-ROM’s, equipment and art prints will be $1.00 per day per item.  

Borrowers are responsible for all items checked out on their library card.  Current list price will be charged for all lost or damaged materials.

Loans will not be made to any patron who has overdue materials, fines in excess of the limit of $5.00 in any SEO network library and/or unpaid lost or damaged materials.

Reference materials from the library collection and Finley Room (genealogy) do not leave the library.  Certain items may be loaned for 7 days.  Check with staff as to their availability.


Service Standards
The library recognizes and respects that each question is important to the patron who asks it.  Library staff will use authoritative and appropriate sources to respond to all patron questions.  In some cases, staff may refer a patron to other agencies that can more completely answer a question.  The number of patrons waiting for help may restrict the time available to help any one patron; however, staff will strive to provide effective service to all patrons.  During busy periods, preference may be given to the patron in the library over the patron on the phone.

Service Limitations

  • Legal and Tax Information:  Staff provide legal definitions and specific citations from the codes, but do not interpret passages.  Staff do not recommend specific attorneys, but may suggest the patron contact an attorney or the local bar association for further assistance.  Staff assist patrons in locating specific tax forms and publications.  Staff do not interpret tax regulations or provide tax advice.
  • Medical Information:  Staff will assist patrons in finding information about diseases, medical conditions, tests, and treatments in print and electronic resources.  Staff do not interpret the information found in these medical resources.  Staff do not make diagnoses, give advice, or recommend specific health care professionals.
  • Research Requests:  If the information needed to answer a question is very lengthy or must be compiled from several sources, staff help the patron to locate appropriate materials, show him/her how to use them, and will check periodically to make sure the patron is progressing well.  When a research request is phoned in, staff encourage the patron to come to the library in person if the appropriate materials are accessible in the library.  Staff may recommend electronic resources and borrowing from other libraries, and make referrals to other libraries and organizations when those collections would better meet the patron’s needs.


In keeping with the Library’s objective to make accessible the broadest range of information in a variety of formats, the Guernsey County District Public Library (GCDPL) provides public access to the Internet.

The Library provides this access at no charge to all patrons age 5 or older. Users of this service will be provided a copy of this document. As with all Library materials, restriction of a minor’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Use of the Internet computer may be restricted to ½ hour time slots depending upon demand. Continued use beyond this time is permitted as long as no one is waiting. Once beyond your ½ hour time slot you may be asked to end your session if another patron is waiting.

There is a cost for each page printed.  Materials obtained or copied on the Internet may be subject to copyright laws which govern the reproduction of copyrighted works. Patrons must comply with all international, national and state laws governing copyrighted materials.

The following activities are prohibited:

  • Any activity which constitutes violation of local, state, and/or federal laws, including those prohibiting the transmission of threatening, harassing, sexually explicit, or sexually suggestive material
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may be construed as obscene under Section 2907.32 of the Ohio Revised Code
  • Any attempts to enter computer system files or alter system setups

Users who do not follow the Internet Access Policy will be instructed to choose another site or terminate the Internet session. Repeated violations of this policy and/or misuse of the computer may result in loss of Internet privileges.

All users of this service agree to hold the GCDPL harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of the Internet, caused thereby or arising there from.

The following loan limits will apply to all borrowed and/or requested items:

  • 20 books may be charged to any one card.
  • Older adult books, all large print and juvenile books are loaned for 28 days.
  • New adult books are loaned for 14 days and are limited to 4 per card.
  • A maximum of 3 Guernsey County books on one subject may be loaned.
  • 10 periodicals may be loaned to any card for 14 days.  The newest copy does not circulate.
  • 8 total video cassettes, DVD’s or combination of, may be loaned to any one card for 7 days.
  • 5 adult and juvenile books on audio cassette/CD may be charged to any one card and loaned for 28 days.
  • 1 art print (adult cards only) may be charged to any one card and loaned for 28 days.
  • 5 compact discs/CD-ROM’s may be charged to any one card and loaned for 7 days.


The Guernsey County District Public library permits all Ohio residents, regardless of age, the privilege of obtaining a library card.  Out-of-state patrons may obtain a card, provided proof of employment within Guernsey County is shown.

Adult applicants must present identification showing current name and address.  This may include, but is not limited to, a driver’s license, bank statement, or utility bill.  Notes or unmetered letters do not constitute proper identification.  Questions concerning acceptable identification should be forwarded to the Director or designee.

For children, ages 17 or under, a parent or legal guardian must be present and able to provide the same type of identification required in the above paragraph and assume responsibility for items checked out on the child’s card.

Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their library cards.  If materials are lost, damaged, or returned late, the patrons are responsible for paying fines or replacement fees.

The owner of a lost or stolen library card is responsible for all materials checked out on that card up to the time it was reported lost or stolen.  There may be a fee to replace it.

In the event that a patron’s card becomes damaged or unreadable in the library’s automation system, the card will be replaced at no charge to the patron.

It is the responsibility of the card owner to advise library personnel of changes to their name, mailing address, or phone number.  A new application card should be completed if the changes involve a new name.



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